We offer a full range of podiatry treatments and you can find standard costs of treatment below when you visit us. On your first appointment we will assess your feet, tell you what we think will benefit you and then treat your feet accordingly

Home visit fees will vary depending on distance but usually varies between £33 and £40. Visits to Good Hope Hospital and Manor Hospital are £45 as we have to allow at least an hour for treatment/parking/locating patient.

Severe Corns

Severe Corns

Corns and hard skin

Corns and hard skin are the most common problems we treat. Depending on severity, they can be removed painlessly. They do, however, often reoccur so you may need to have routine treatment.

Cost of treatment at our surgery : £31



Verrucae are difficult to eradicate as they are caused by the wart virus. It can take several treatments for them to go but there is no guarantee that treatment will be successful after this time. We usually treat them for about 12 months and if they have not resolved after this time we will suggest a home remedy that may be beneficial. Treatments we use are acid treatments (salicylic acid) and cryotherapy (freezing the verruca)

Cost of acid treatments £31

Cost of cryotherapy £40

ingrown nail.jpg

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

We always try to treat an ingrown toenail with regular routine treatment. However involuted nails will often grow back and cause problems again. The nail can be removed completely (total nail avulsion) or a section taken out (partial nail avulsion) and an acid applied to stop the nail from regrowing. As with all surgery, there is always a small chance of problems reoccurring and with nail surgery around 5% of nails will regrow.

We offer a very competitive price for nail surgery. Similar surgery at Spire Hospital Little Aston costs over £1700

Cost of treatment : FROM £300 including follow up visit and dressing pack